Friday, January 18, 2013

Iron Rattler's Steepest Plunge Takes Shape

Via Rocky Mountain Construction
In recent photos of Six Flags Fiesta Texas' Iron Rattler I had assumed that the first drop had not fully been put into place because it needed additional support structure to be built.  The amount of supports located under where the drop had started just seemed to small, so I figured that once new supports were built the rest of the drop and pull-out could go in.

Via Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Silly me for thinking that - considering the ride's first drop is a staggering 81 degrees I was totally wrong about the additional supports... something that steep doesn't need them!  I think that these two images show that off pretty well, and if you're not drooling at the thought of a ride on this coaster then you may need a pulse check.

This is going to be like falling off a cliff, only in the perfectly safe and fun sort of way.  I can only imagine what a back seat ride on the new Iron Rattler will be like!