Monday, January 28, 2013

Building the Frozen Landscape of Antarctica

While SeaWorld Orlando has been sharing several videos that are slowly revealing more about the ride experience that will greet visitors in Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, the park has been quite busy actually building the experience.

The new land within the park will feature a decidedly chilly appearance, with all buildings covered in a layer of fake rock, snow, and an overall glacier-like appearance.  While the actual buildings went up some time ago, the park's workers are now busy turning them into frozen versions of themselves, and things look really nice so far.  Orlando Theme Park News recently featured an update showing off the progress.

For folks who are excited for the new expansion to open, SeaWorld has launched a new mobile App to help keep them up to date.  The app contains behind-the-scenes teaser videos, penguin fun facts and trivia, and even the ability to enter a contest to win a trip to the park.  The app is already available for iPhone/iPad, and will be ready soon for Android devices.