Friday, January 11, 2013

Lake Compounce 2013: Bayou Bay Wave Pool

Making good use of the additional land that the park gained a couple seasons ago, Lake Compounce has announced the addition of a brand new wave pool for 2013, named Bayou Bay.

A part of the Crocodile Cove Water Park, the new wave pool will be twice as big as the one the park currently has.  The expansion will include a 7 foot statue of the park's new mascot, Kyle the Crocodile, overlooking the new pool.  New bathrooms and changing facilities will also be added in the form of a new bath house adjacent to the development.

The ability of the park to be able to build such a large addition is the result of the moving of the former Mt. Vernon road that ran directly against the park.  With that complete, Lake Compounce has gained a nice area for water park expansion.  This announcement motivated me to create this before and after, showing off the new space:

As you can see, the road has been pushed back quite a bit, allowing for plenty of development in the future - although I suppose that future is now.  The park removed one of their slide towers blocking the way to the new area, and in the "after" shot you can see the foundations for last year's racing slide going in.  I would guess that the 'fattest' area will be the home to the new Bayou Bay, and even with that there will be plenty of room for new slides and such as time goes on.

Now when guests visit the park they not only get an awesome log flume, the incredible Boulder Dash, but a full water park on top of that!


Justin Van Deren said...

I would of moved the rode much farther back.

Mike said...

Me too! But... I have no idea if the park owns the land over that way, so they might have pushed it out as far as they were able to.

Justin Van Deren said...

How many gallons is the wavepool