Saturday, December 2, 2017

Sesame Place Takes Oscar's Wacky Taxi Vertical in New Photos

© Sesame Place
Sesame Place's brand new family wooden roller coaster, Oscar's Wacky Taxi, was just announced in September but is already going vertical at the park.  Shortly after the new Gravity Group design was announced the park released the above concept art, which we haven't featured here yet.  The ride's press release mentioned that the ride would have a green structure and highly themed cars, both of which an be seen here.  No word yet on if the street theming will be a part of the ride, or was just for the art.

© Sesame Place / Jeff Davis
An employee of the park has shared a couple construction photos of Oscar's Wacky Taxi,  the first of which is seen here.  True to their word, the ride's supports are green, which will accent the yellow taxi cab themed trains.  This coaster will feature steel supports with traditional wooden track, which makes the supports able to go up very quickly.  This section is for the 180 degree turn that takes place at the top of the lift hill, before the first drop.  That also means that this section of Oscar's Wacky Taxi is also the tallest, topping out somewhere around 40 feet.

© Sesame Place / Jeff Davis
The second photo that was shared was taken just inside the park's main plaza area (so open for parade viewing) to give perspective of the now-standing coaster.  The turnstiles are on the far left of this photo, and obviously that's the coaster sticking up on the right.  That means that my prediction of the ride's positioning within the park was pretty spot on, reference this post for what I mean.  Sesame Place is open through the holiday season, so we should be seeing some additional photos before the winter really sets in!