Monday, December 4, 2017

Ducati World Planned to Open at Mirabilandia in 2019

© Mirabilandia
Italy's Mirabilandia, a part of the Parques Reunidos family of amusement parks and attractions, has announced the addition of a brand new area themed to the Ducati motorcycle brand.  Officially named Ducati World, the expansion is planned to open in 2019.

Seen above in concept art form, the land will transport visitors into a world containing "a variety of attractions that will engage the public with a real motorcycling experience."  Listed attractions include a children's area, simulator, virtual reality and a roller coaster experience that mimics riding a Ducati motorcycle.  There will also be a showroom for the 90 year old Ducati brand, along with areas that inform of the history of the celebrated company.  Topping off the development will be both retail and food locations, all located within Ducati World.

© Google Maps
Ducati World will be built into an existing section of Mirabilandia, on its Northern end.  The aerial above shows the section, you orient yourself using the large Ferris wheel at the top and the edge of the park's center lagoon at the bottom.  It looks like much of what currently exists between those two landmarks will be cleared out for the expansion.

© Parques Reunidos
As for the new pair for racing roller coasters being added, this slide from Parques Reunidos's recent annual report is telling.  It would appear as though the new coasters are actually going to be a pair of powered "spike coasters" from Maurer Rides.  The first one of these opened last season at Skyline Park in Germany to mixed reviews, generally due to extremely low capacity and a short ride time.  The rides advertise that the speed at which you move is controlled by riders, and you can check out a POV video of the short experience here to get a better idea of what will be constructed.