Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hersheypark Hard at Work on New Water Roller Coaster + Boardwalk Expansion

© Hersheypark
The temperatures across much of the country may not have many people thinking of water parks, but that isn't stopping Hersheypark from working on their exciting expansion of The Boardwalk for 2018.

Despite the gray skies, the park has started to install pieces of their new water roller coaster, named Breakers Edge.  The attraction will be the area's first Hydromagnetic water roller coaster, designed by Proslide, that features Flying Saucer turns built into it.  Decked out on alternating purple and blue track, passengers will be launched uphill and down using magnetic technology, giving a thrilling water park experience that mimics a traditional roller coaster feel.

© Hersheypark
Now that pieces are starting to go up, we've also got our first look at one of Breakers Edge's flying saucer turns, being carefully installed in the upper image.  These tight turns will keep rafts on the side of the track as they plummet through them.  In total, this water roller coaster will feature three of these flying saucer turns, along with drops and a final enclosed section before the station.  And speaking of the station, the old station from Roller Soaker, a former roller coaster at the park, is being reused for Breakers Edge.

The expansion also includes the longest mat racing water slide tower in the world, Whitecap Racer, which has also been under construction since the fall season ended.