Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Scott And Carol Present - Time Traveler Official Reveal at IAAPA

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Following Mike's lead reminded us that now we can get back to working on IAAPA 2017 stories. From the announcement banner, you can see the steampunk theming. With two launches, three inversions, and spinning cars, no two rides will be identical.

Due to the unique topography of Silver Dollar City, many new attractions have been added by hanging them on the side of the hill. This presents many interesting views of construction progress of the world's tallest spinning roller coaster.

With over three thousand feet of track and exceeding 50 mph on the 90 degree first drop, this is the largest investment in Silver Dollar City history.

Here was the excitement generated on the IAAPA Show trade floor. It was one of the earlier events.

Brad and Christian starting to pull the curtain on the attraction that will bring many people to Silver Dollar City in Branson. The nice thing about the climate there is they can open early in the year.

Riders that meet the 51-inch heights requirement probably won't get this much fanfare in daily operations but it created a buzz on the floor.

The train in all its glory, although as a spinning coaster many details will be a blur outside the station. It was mentioned that adjustable magnetic brakes will be on every car to limit the revolutions. Silver Dollar City wants it to be a ride for families to experience together.

Here are some of the many footers as seen last summer. The supports have to be taller and longer to compensate for the varying terrain. It would be interesting to know how much extra steel was required for Time Traveler.

This appears to be the largest station by volume in history for a regional theme park. It won't be long until we can all see what will fill this large station. Given the past history of Silver Dollar City, there will be lots of unique theming concepts for the enjoyment of the guests who ride Time Traveler.

A piece of track and support viewed through the trees last summer. As seen from the empty footers above, they had a lot of work to finish before testing could begin.

What a fantastic new attraction for Silver Dollar City. Time Traveler will surely help them "Create family memories worth repeating" in 2018 and beyond.