Friday, December 22, 2017

New Footage Shows Silver Dollar City's Time Traveler Testing

© Silver Dollar City
Silver Dollar City recently started testing their brand new spinning roller coaster, Time Traveler.  The twisted coaster features a 90 degree, 100 foot drop immediately out of the station, two launches and several inversions.  Designed by Mack Rides, Time Traveler is a massive investment for Silver Dollar City, coming in at $26 million.

This first video that was released a week ago was the very first footage of the ride testing that we've seen.  Views include the train dropping out of the station into the initial dive and heading into he start of the first inversion, but cuts off after that point.  Still, it's exciting to see that first drop in action as it is going to be a very exciting way to start the ride.
The park just released another new video, this time showing footage taken from on the ride's train.  Since Time Traveler is a spinning roller coaster, this is our first taste of seeing how the experience will be.  The spinning in these shots does not look too intense, which may come as a relief to some.  The ride looks like it's moving pretty quickly, taking on the layout's quick transitions with ease.

To learn more and keep up to date with the ride, check out Silver Dollar City's official website.