Thursday, December 21, 2017

Kings Dominion Nearly Done with Twisted Timbers Track Installation

© Kings Dominion
Just in time for the holiday break, Kings Dominion is reporting on a new blog post that they are nearly done with track installation on Twisted Timbers, the park's new Rocky Mountain Construction hybrid roller coaster.

Seen above, the park also shared a beautiful aerial photo of Twisted Timbers after a recent snowfall, showing off how gorgeous the coaster looks!  You can also get a really nice look at the mostly completed layout, with much of the ride keeping a low to the ground profile filled with air-time hills.

© Kings Dominion
One of the last elements that was constructed, according to the blog post, was the overbank turn that takes place right after the first drop.  The original Hurler turn was highly banked but level with the ground, however Twisted Timbers has taken the turn and elevated it, adding some crazy banking into the mix.  The post features several shots of the turn going up, including the one above.

The park also reports that the final four pieces of track, the last of which was signed by employees of the park in celebration, will be put in place in the new year - marking the end of the ride's main construction.  Next up will be electrical work, along with a focus on the queue, station and other theming elements.  Can't wait to see testing when it begins as well!