Saturday, December 30, 2017

Plenty of New RailBlazer Track in the Sky at California's Great America

© California's Great America
If there is one thing we've learned about the construction of the new single-rail Rocky Mountain Construction "Raptor" coasters, it is that they go up very fast.  With less supports necessary to hold up the thin track, the rides seem to have many more pieces put in place per day than with other ride types.  In fact, it seems that at times the parks are literally waiting for truckloads of the ride parts to arrive to get more put into place!

Keeping an eye on California's Great America's webcam for RailBlazer, seen above, it's easy to note that a ton of track has gone up in the last week or so.  Much of the ride's layout is now in place, including half of the dive loop, the reverse air-time hill and the corkscrew.

© Inside CGA
The webcam gives nice up to the minute views of RailBlazer's progress, at least when it is light outside, but there are more photos taken just days ago available from Inside CGA.  You can see them at their Facebook page, and one of them is embedded above.  RailBlazer's twisted spaghetti track looks great as it towers over the park!

Similar to the sister ride at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, it appears as though the lift hill will be one of the last elements installed on RailBlazer.