Monday, December 25, 2017

Scott And Carol Present - A Stone Mountain Christmas!

Stone Mountain Park, in the city of the same name, takes on a whole new look for the Christmas. Lots of lights, new activities, and new shows abound for the Holiday Season. It is easy to see why it has become Atlanta's most heartwarming celebration.

The Singalong Christmas Train offers a 5 mile trip around the park, and with a pause in the journey, the telling of The Gift story has become a family tradition.

The first time we watched the improv version of A Christmas Carol, we knew we would be back to see it again. Trying to count how many different ways they mispronounce Bob Cratchit's last name make this a must-see show.

With only four characters, plus one chosen from the audience, they portray eleven adults, four ghosts, and Tiny Tim in a not so serious take on this Charles Dickens's classic. If you want a chance at being chosen, get there early and sit in the front row.

Much license is taken with the appearance of the characters, with costume changes on the fly, and the combination of character traits amongst the living and spirit world characters result in copious amounts of laughter for all ages

The Littlest Christmas Tree show carries both a great message and also some nice songs for children. With the last Christmas tree on the lot feeling sorry for itself by being passed over,

Nutty the Squirrel, Betty the Bunny, and Sammy the Skunk help the littlest Christmas tree find out that it has something to offer to the right family.

Here the littlest Christmas tree sings a sad tale of not feeling being able to light up her lights.

The whole gang sings a "cheer up" to the little tree ...  

and she realizes there is a special place for her and she begins to glow!

A 3-D projection decorated tree sits in the middle of the Crossroads. something new for 2017.

Of course, the Snow Angel makes her appearance to help light the tree and in the parade.

But her big number is the Snowfall Finale, when she enlists believes young and young at heart, help make snow fall on the walkways of Stone Mountain. Soaring above the crowd, the junior Snow Angels help make Christmas wishes come true.

The Christmas Parade was a big hit, with park guests lining both sides of the street to see various lit up floats, including the very popular I heart Santa float.

Also, the Nutcracker Express, driven by a very qualified engineer 

And, we all know when Santa arrives, in this case with Mrs Claus, the parade is ending. 

With lights and music, sledding after dark is fun for the whole family. Snow Mountain makes it happen with slides large and small.

Evidently, the Snow angel has been hard at work because there is lots of extra snow available for everyone to enjoy all day long.

The tree at the top of Stone Mountain can be seen for miles!

The Wonderland Walkway features lights synchronized to music, featuring your Christmas classics.

The Skylights Spectacular lets you walk through the display, with many thousands of lights, some projections, and the occasional snowfall.

If you follow the Wonderland Walkway to  Snow Angel Palace, you can be part of the experience of the A Wish For Snow show. If you hang around afterwards, you can meet Angelina, the Snow Angel herself.

As you wander the park, you see how beautiful the lights are, with the architecture and trees all accented. Christmas Carols in the air, yummy snacks and hot chocolate available.

Our thanks to the wonderful folks at Stone Mountain Park for their holiday hospitality. And, Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!