Friday, December 1, 2017

Kings Dominion Shares New Twisted Timbers Construction Photos

Kings Dominion fans rejoice, the park has released a new batch of construction photos of Twisted Timbers, the park's new roller coaster for 2018.  Rising from the structure of Hurler, a wooden coaster that opened in 1994, Twisted Timbers will be an extreme steel track ride that is high anticipated.

© Kings Dominion
The blog post on the park's website, available here, has a great deal of photos showing recent track instillation progress on the ride.  We saw some shots not too long ago of the barrel roll first drop being built, but here is a wide perspective of the finished product.  After a 111 foot lift hill, trains will slowly complete a 180 degree turn before rolling into this beautiful combination barrel roll and first drop.

© Kings Dominion
Elsewhere throughout the ride's structure plenty of track pieces are now in place.  From large air-time hills (which there are many of!) to this barrel roll, the ride is coming together quickly.  The ride's track, just as with the other Rocky Mountain Construction rides, features quick banking and directional changes, and the park has shared the photos to prove it.  Much of the ride also stays close to the ground, which I would think would make construction work even easier and faster.

Twisted Timbers will be Kings Dominion's 13th roller coaster, and with other rides like Intimidator 305 at the park, it is sure to remain a must visit for ride fans!