Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Premier Rides Launches New Sky Rocket Roller Coaster in China

Another "high-thrill, high-tech launch coaster," designed by Maryland based Premier Rides, recently opened at Chimelong Paradise theme park in Guangzhou, China.  The Sky Rocket opened in time for the National Day holiday, a part of Golden Week, where plenty of visitors were enjoying its multiple launches, extreme elements and thrilling ride experience.

The coaster was commissioned by Chimelong Group, which runs many theme parks in China, and designed and manufactured by Premier Rides in Maryland - who then exported the ride to China earlier this year.

© Premier Rides
The Sky Rocket is the latest design in a series of roller coasters that started with Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, featuring the latest-design launch system the industry has to offer, according to Premier Rides.  Aside from the train, the coaster has virtually no moving parts, making it both "reliable and maintenance friendly."

The coaster starts with a forward launch out of the station up to 65 feet until gravity takes over and trains fall backward and through another launch, this time hitting 82 feet.  After one more fall back toward the ground the final launch sends the trains up to the 164 foot maximum height at speeds of 62 miles per hour.

© Premier Rides
The train then slows on purpose so riders can take in the view, but soon moves through a "twisted heartline roll" with nothing between them and the ground below.  What follows is a "face-first vertical twisting drop, ending in an over the top loop where riders will experience the force of approximately 3 ½ Gs."

Jim Seay, president of Premier Rides, commented, “The theme park market in China is an exciting one and all of us at Premier are motivated to not only be part of that market, but to also set the industry standard by bringing in a world-class USA-made attraction for the Chimelong Group. The minds behind the Chimelong Group certainly wanted to make a statement with this ride and we are honored to be part of their formula for success.”