Thursday, December 7, 2017

More Views of Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom's Demolition + Tornado Moves On

© Raiders of the Lost Parks
Back in September we featured a Facebook site, named Raiders of the Lost Parks, that was selling the slides, equipment and other relics from Wildwater Kingdom, the closed water park that was the last remnant of the Geauga Lake campus.

At the time the site was trying to find a new home for the park's large slide tower - more on that later - but we had also picked up on the news that some attractions had found new homes.  For instance, the Proslide Tornado was headed to Camelbeach Waterpark in Pennsylvania.  That ride has made much progress on its exit from the park, with a full refurbishment taking place on site in Ohio before the ride was shipped out.

© Raiders of the Lost Parks
All the fiberglass pieces were repainted, seen above, after being taken down.  It looks like the Tornado will retain its original colors, but looks fresh and new in its new home.  I haven't seen Camelbeach announce the new ride yet, so it's not clear if it will open in 2018 or later.

While the Tornado slide has been saved, the same fate was not in the stars for the 100 foot tall multiple slide tower that was one of Wildwater Kingdom's biggest features.  The author of the page notes that they contacted over 100 parks and sent bids to 19 of them, but no sale was made.  So sadly, the ride tower had to come down.  Here's a video the shared of part of the taller portion being pulled down.

And once most of the individual slides from the tower were down, the 100 foot tall main tower also had to come down.  Watch this one in full screen - that makes a heck of a noise when it lands!

© Raiders of the Lost Parks
When all was said and done the tower was reduced to a bunch of future-scrap metal on the ground.  Now, of course this is all pretty sad to see, but I'm happy that someone was there to document it for us.

And speaking of that, Raiders of the Lost Parks has also done several drone videos showing all parts of Wildwater Kingdom.  Scroll through their page to check them out.