Friday, August 5, 2016

The Incredible Hulk Coaster Roars Back to Life at Islands of Adventure

© Universal Orlando
After a major refurbishment that included a total track and support replacement, Islands of Adventure has reopened its famous Incredible Hulk Coaster to eager fans.  The green B&M coaster is once again delivering a "Hulk-a-fication" process to riders that includes an initial launch with an inversion 110 feet above the ground, speeds of over 65 miles per hour, and a total of 7 upside down moments.

The park used the time while it was closed to totally redo much of the ride's queue and also the special effects that it employs.  Featuring an all new story line, riders are now part of an experiment led by General "Thunderbolt" Ross that includes plenty of gamma radiation and equally explosive levels of power.  The brand new trains feature a slick design and have a thumping on-board original soundtrack created by Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy.

To commemorate the ride's grand reopening the park held a special ceremony this week for fans of the park, complete with plenty of super heroes on hand.  You can check out video of that event over at Thrillgeek.  With the Incredible Hulk Coaster now open again, and the blockbuster Skull Island: Reign of Kong also open, it's quite a summer to visit the park!