Thursday, August 18, 2016

California's Great America Introduces Patriot Floorless Roller Coaster in 2017

© California's Great America
It has been announced that guests to California's Great America will be able to ride their stand-up roller coaster Vortex through September 5th, after which it will undergo a transformation into a new floorless ride named Patriot.

Like Cedar Point did with Mantis transforming into Rougarou, Vortex will receive brand new B&M floorless trains that will provide a totally new and more comfortable experience for riders.  The park notes that Vortex is currently the oldest stand-up roller coaster operating in the U.S., and that Patriot will be the first floorless ride in the park's history.

© California's Great America
Patriot will feature newly painted blue track with white supports, and trains featuring similar colors as accents.  It's layout will remain unchanged, featuring a 91 foot tall lift, a vertical loop and speeds of 45 miles per hour.  On how the name Patriot was arrived at, the park says that the "inspiration for the coaster's name was taken from the fact that the ride is nestled adjacent to All American Corners within a park whose name celebrates America."

At the end of this year California's Great America will also celebrate their first Winterfest event, giving visitors a chance to "ice skate in front of the iconic Carousel Columbia, admire magnificent displays of lights and décor, view spectacular live holiday shows, experience 18 rides, see Santa's workshop and Mrs. Claus' kitchen, and enjoy scrumptious holiday foods around the park."


Justin said...

It is the oldest stand up if you ignore Apocalypse at Six Flags America that opened in 1990, a year before.