Monday, August 8, 2016

Godzilla Invades Universal Studios Japan in 2017

© Universal Studios Japan
A brand new attraction will open next year at Universal Studios Japan based off the popular Godzilla movie franchise, the park has announced.  The attraction, named Godzilla - The Real 4-D, will be a part of next year's "Universal Cool Japan 2017" celebration, a yearly event that features new attractions - though they are often temporary.  This year, for instance, the park is featuring Dragon Ball Z The Real 4-D and several other attractions themed to pop culture franchises.

Not a ton of details were announced regarding the "multi sensory" attraction other then that it will be a 4-D style theater experience.  The park is saying that this is the first time that Godzilla will be featured in his own theme park attraction, and that visitors will come face to face with the nearly 400 foot tall monster as he terrorizes a city.  There may be other details on the park's website for the attraction, though I can't decipher them in Japanese.

"Universal Cool Japan 2017" will kick off on January 13th, but the Godzilla attraction won't open until later in the year.  Several other new attractions are expected to also come with next year's celebration, though they haven't been announced yet.