Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Hershey Triple Tower to Blast Riders Up and Down in 2017

Today was Hersheypark's 2017 attraction announcement, and as hinted about earlier the park will indeed add towering thrill rides, three to be exact, together to be known as Hershey Triple Tower.

The park is calling the addition the first "Choose-Your-Thrill Triple Tower in the US," since it offers three separate towers of varying heights and speeds.

“Hersheypark is well-known for providing guests with rides and attractions that the entire family can enjoy and this new ride is sure to deliver,” said Kevin Stumpf, General Manager Attractions & Entertainment. “We are happy to be adding this new attraction that will offer families the opportunity to choose their level of thrill and enjoy panoramic views of the Park.”

© Hersheypark
The three towers will be manufactured by S&S Worldwide, and be a combination of their Double Shot rides and a Combo Tower.  The smallest tower is called the Hershey's Kisses Tower, standing 80 feet tall and seating 12 riders at a time.  In the middle is the Reese's Tower at 131 feet and seating 16 at a time.  The largest ride, named Hershey's Tower, will be 189 feet tall and have 20 riders seated in a circle around the structure.  The tallest ride is a Combo Tower and the other two are Double Shot rides.

Both Double Shot towers will blast riders up to the top and then let them bounce back down on a cushion of air, and the Combo Tower is capable of being both a Space Shot with upward blast and also a Turbo Drop free-fall.

© Hersheypark
With maximum speeds of 45 miler per hour, each part of the Hershey Triple Tower is sure to thrill guests of all ages in the Kissing Tower Hill section of the theme park.  The towers will all have 48 inch height requirements and operate independently of each other with a theoretical hourly capacity of 1,400.  To make room for the $8 million addition several children's rides will be relocated and the park's Condor ride named Flying Falcon will be retired.

Hersheypark plans to have the expansion open for their Spring season.