Monday, August 29, 2016

Mystic Timbers Begins to Rise at Kings Island

© Kings Island
Just a few weeks after its official announcement, Kings Island has started vertical construction on its new for 2017 roller coaster.  Named Mystic Timbers, the wooden coaster has been designed by Great Coasters International and will run through the woods of the park's Rivertown section.

The top photo is from the park's webcam for the ride, taken this morning after work began.  Following the ride's layout would lead me to believe that these initial bents are for the bottom of the coaster's first drop.

© Kings Island
This photo, shared by Kings Island on social media, gives a view of the work from ground level.  The structure in the background is not related to the coaster - that's the covered entrance walkway for the park's river rapids ride.

Expect vertical construction to continue at a fast pace while the weather is still so nice!  We'll certain be along for the ride.