Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Knott's Soak City Officially Announces 2017 Expansion Plans

Knott's Soak City water park, located across from Knott's Berry Farm, has made their 2017 expansion plans official today, revealing additions that will offer something for everyone next summer.

The additions will increase the overall size of the water park and feature two new slide towers as the main attractions.  The towers will be named Shore Break, featuring six slides in two varieties, and The Wedge, a family rafting experience.

© Knott's Soak City
This concept art that was released today shows the expansion area, you can click it for a much larger view with more detail.

Shore Break features four body slides at the 60 foot level that start with an Aqua-Launch chamber, where the floor drops out from below sliders' feet sending them plunging downward.  The slides all feature different twisting paths that include s-turns and flat loops, along with translucent tubes.  The tower also has two tube slides that start at a slightly lower level, both ending with significant plunges to the splash area below.  All slides on Shore Break will have a 48 inch height requirement.

© Knott's Soak City
The second slide tower is named The Wedge and actually is slightly different than what we saw in the proposed plans the park filed with local authorities (those saw this as a fusion Constrictor Python slide).  However the fact that it will replace the park's tornado slide Pacific Spin is still the same.  The Wedge will instead be a traditional family raft ride, which I never realized was missing from the park's lineup.  The Wedge will have a 48 inch height requirement, or only 40 inches with a responsible rider.

The work at the park will also feature new cabanas, more shaded seating and an expansion and renovation to Longboard's Grill, a popular food service location at the park.  All work should be completed when the park opens for the season in May of 2017.