Thursday, August 18, 2016

New Rides, a New Entrance and WinterFest Headed to Worlds of Fun in 2017

Worlds of Fun has announced four in-park projects for their 2017 season, including two new rides, a brand new entrance to the park, and the addition of WinterFest.

© Worlds of Fun
The first ride is named Mustang Runner, and is a classic Huss Trokia ride.  The ride will give a disorienting experience as the main arms turn one way, while the rider gondolas go the other.  With this ride announced, we can now count that there will be a total of three classic Trokia rides going into Cedar Fair parks in 2017.

© Worlds of Fun
The second new attraction will be named Falcon's Flight, and is another Huss ride, this time a Condor.  Pictured above, this tower ride stands around 100 feet in the air and has four arms that each have six falcon-themed gondolas on it.  The gondolas and the main carriage both spin independently of each other, creating an experience like a Scrambler, only high in the sky.

Worlds of Fun's main entrance will also be totally renovated for 2017, though no details about the changes planned - or if it will even stay in the same place - were released today.

© Worlds of Fun
Finally, we now know the third location that will be adding WinterFest in 2017, and that is Worlds of Fun.  The park gave limited details since it is still so far away from the event's opening, sharing only the above concept art showing a beautifully decorated section of the park.  The event is said to include "14 favorite holiday characters, spectacular light displays, ice skating, and festive live entertainment.  WinterFest will run for six weeks beginning November 24, 2017 at Worlds of Fun.