Saturday, August 6, 2016

Several Cedar Fair Parks Announcing 2017 Plans - And Soon!

The middle of August appears to be a popular time for announcing plans for 2017 additions and expansions, as several Cedar Fair parks have started to drop hints that they will make their reveal during that time.

Dorney Park's General Manager took to Twitter to show off a planning session they were having about their announcement, making the date pretty clear in this image.  A previous Tweet came with the comment that they were "getting ready to make new memories!"  Not much has come out so far about what the park has planned, so this one is wide open.

However, the fact that there are three bullet points on the sheet seen above may translate into three things to announce.  We could see anything from a new ride, slide, entertainment or event - so who knows!  Well, I guess the park does!

Last week Valleyfair revealed that after 38 seasons and 15.5 million riders, the classic Enterprise ride would be retired.  The final rides will be offered on August 21st, so if you want to say goodbye make sure to take a spin before then!

The Enterprise sits just inside the park's main entrance gates, so whatever is replacing it will have prime real estate, so to say.  While the park isn't giving the exact announcement date yet, they are confirming it will be "mid-August."

Worlds of Fun is equally excited to announce "new things" on August 18th, I believe the plural on "thing" is the most exciting part of the above image.  The theme park was previously said to be adding a pair of classic flat rides, ones brought over from Europe by Cedar Fair.  However, it's been quite a while since that article ran, so plenty could have changed since then!  The classic ride additions certainly could still be planned, but perhaps there will be even more coming to the park.

Kings Dominion took to Facebook to review some of the rumors about the park's 2017 addition that have been posted to social media.  They're pretty hilarious, as are the park's response to them!  The video ends with a confirmation that the announcement will be made on August 20th, and notes that there will be "more fun, more laughs, more thrills."  Looks like we could again be seeing numerous additions next season, and remember that Hurler has been closed for all of this year so far!

Plus, as we covered previously Carowinds will also make their announcement on the 18th of August.  Can't wait to see what is in store for all the parks!


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is it gonna be a triotech dark ride at dorney park and kings dominion?

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