Sunday, August 28, 2016

New and Expanded Kids Water Area Opening at Michigan's Adventure in 2017

Families with small kids will have more ways than ever before to enjoy the day at WildWater Adventure in Michigan's Adventure next season, a result of a renovated and expanded children's play area.  The work will be completed in time for the start of the water park's 2017 season.

© Michigan's Adventure
The area of focus within WildWater Adventure will be the Half Pint Paradise space.  The area already includes several small slides for kids, but next year all new ones, 7 in total, will replace the existing slides.  The area will also see the instillation of a new Splash Pad, complete with fun theming, like "water play features shaped to reflect a sailboat navigating through fish, a sea serpent, and other sea creatures."  Along with these interactive features, there will be dumping buckets, bubbling geysers and more in the Splash Pad.

© Google
The changes will include some rearranging of existing areas of the water park.  Above is a look at the area - toward the top of the image is the current Half Pint Paradise, and down toward the bottom is the large water play structure known as Beach Party.  The area between them will be renovated to connect the two more easily, forming a large area dedicated to kids and families.  There will also be additional seating and cabanas added as well.

The entrance to Funnel of Fear, the large pink and yellow Tornado slide, will be relocated as part of the changes to make navigation even easier for visitors.