Monday, August 24, 2015

Six Flags Great Adventure Begins Major Park Renovation for 2016 Attraction

While we have to wait until September 3rd to hear the details, Six Flags Great Adventure has started to do some major work to get ready for the park's 2016 addition.

This means that some older structures in the park are being demolished, and work on that has kicked into high gear this week.

It appears as though the park is removing several lakeside structures, including the Fort Independence aqua theater, the Festival Stage that's next door to it, and the large grandstand that used to be a vast seating area for stunt (and other) shows that took place on the lake.

Here is a look at that section of the park, for those unfamiliar.  The yellow line goes around the aqua theater, orange around the festival stage, and red around the large grandstands.

This means that when the structures are gone there will be a fairly long, somewhat narrow plot of land open for redevelopment for next year.  At least I'm assuming this is for 2016, at least.  If you take into consideration the path that is upward and to the right of the grandstands, that's even more room to work with.

As for the demolition, as I said work is now in high gear at the park.  Great Adventure History has shared some photos of the progress today, and Six Flags Great Adventure Insider Updates shared a video.

As for the park, they're remaining pretty tight lipped about next year, but did share in an e-mail today that fans can "expect a major addition" in 2016 and that a "new skyline will take shape in one of the park’s original sections that has remained nearly unchanged for four decades."

Can't wait to find out more!


BigDorneyFan said...

Everyone knows it's going to be a coaster like Batman at Fiesta Texas only bigger. I received the survey for naming it months ago.