Friday, August 21, 2015

Dorney Park 8.21.15 Halloween Haunt Prep Update

We are nearing the end of Summer and that means that at Dorney Park the preparations for Halloween Haunt are in full effect.  Visitors are greeted with the Haunt monster truck out front of the gates, advertising that the festivities that begin this year on September 18th.

Down on the former go-kart track the brand new haunt maze is receiving its finishing touches.  The large facade that was built has been painted, and now fully resembles a farm house.  It looks pretty similar to what was out front of Bloodshed the past few years.

Here is a zoomed in look at what can be seen from the midway by Demon Drop.  The walls to the right of the structure create an outdoor maze that leads back behind the facade, where there is more set up.  You can see the layout from Steel Force, which is a mix of open air structures and other props that create a winding path.  The haunt will not use the entire go-kart track, actually it looks like only about a third of it will be used.

We can tell a couple other haunts that are definitely returning this year as well, due to them being mostly set up already.  The walls for Age of Darkness are up, along with the additional area they built with all the torture devices.  While not pictured in this update, the Mansion House Hotel is also coming together currently, and the expansive Gravewalkers maze is also being put up.  It is harder to see when in the park, but it looks like work on the outdoor sets for Desolation is also underway.

The new structure that we saw just starting to be worked on a few weeks ago is now up.  It is located just next to Steel Force's photo booth, seen above from the ride's exit.  You can't easily tell from this angle, but the building is a backwards L shape, extending longer on the side closest to the coaster.

Workers were still on site finishing up the building - though it looks complete there is still much work to be done.  The park has removed the fences that were in this area to open up the front of the building to the midway.  I would imagine once the hard construction of the structure is completed, the park will quickly get to work on adding some theming (though we don't officially know yet what that theme will be).

One final shot of the new Haunt building, showing how close it is to Steel Force.  This photo makes it look even closer than it really is, there's plenty of clearance for the coaster's train to pass by.  Still, it's pretty neat how the park was able to squeeze in a whole new building here!

Tomorrow night is the season pass holder Haunt reveal event, unfortunately I won't be able to attend.  But after tomorrow we will all know what the park has in store!


Unknown said...

Corn stalkers is was moved to the go cart track. And the new attraction is kinda like a clown fun house.