Thursday, August 20, 2015

Expanded Planet Snoopy Coming to Worlds of Fun in 2016

© Worlds of Fun
Next season is all about families with younger kids at Worlds of Fun, which will be expanding their existing Planet Snoopy area with five new attractions.  The addition will modify one part of the existing Planet Snoopy, while adding on an entire new section as well.

The concept art above shows the expanded area.  Changes will be made on the far left, and then also in the newly added area on the right.

This aerial view of the current Planet Snoopy has the areas of development highlighted.  Going off the concept art and the press release, we can detail what changes will be made.

Over on the left in the existing Planet Snoopy, one building looks like it will be demolished, and the giant inflatable Snoopy bounce will be removed.  Replacing the bounce will be a set of Larson Flying Scooters named Woodstock Gliders.  A new ride named Flying Ace will make a home where the removed building was.

The new expansion area will have a small train ride in the back near Timber Wolf called Snoopy Junction.  Two other rides, the Linus Launcher and Snoopy Space Buggies will also populate the area.  This section once was a part of the park's children's offerings, but was cleared out as Snoopy moved in.  Here is what the area that is being redeveloped looked like a few years ago:

“Thrills come in all sizes,” says Worlds of Fun vice president and general manager Frank Wilburn. “It’s important that we continue to create the best family environment for our guests and what better place to do that than right here at Planet Snoopy where we create memories that last a lifetime.”

Planet Snoopy was added to the park in 2011, and previously served the park in a smaller form as Camp Snoopy.