Thursday, August 20, 2015

Get Delirious at Kings Dominion in 2016 on New Thrill Ride

The removal of the stand-up coaster Shockwave will not leave a blank space in Kings Dominion's ride lineup, as the park announced a major new thrill ride to take the coaster's place in 2016.  Riders will be sent on a high-flying, spinning thrill machine named Delirium next year, to be located in the Candy Apple Grove themed area of the park.

© Kings Dominion
Delirium is a swinging pendulum style ride, only one of the extremely large ones found at few theme parks.  The ride holds 40 passengers per cycle, each seated facing outward on the outside of a giant circular ride carriage with their feet dangling below them.  As the ride starts to swing, the carriage spins, creating a disorienting experience.  The ride continues to build momentum until it reaches a maximum height of 115 feet above the ground at an angle of 120 degrees.

No ride manufacturer has been listed yet for Delirium, and several companies provide rides with similar statistics.