Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dorney Park Unveils 2015 Haunt Attraction Lineup

Last night was the preview event for the 2015 Halloween Haunt at Dorney Park, where this year's lineup of attractions, entertainment and more was revealed.

First, we have a slew of returning Haunt attractions - many popular favorites.  The scare zones that are returning are Carnevil, Age of Darkness, and Cut Throat Island.  Returning mazes are Grave Walkers, The Asylum, Mansion House Hotel, Desolation and Chamber of Horrors.  Blackout will be back, but will remain for Fright Lane purchasers only.

That means that the outdoor scare zone Head Hunters and the maze Bloodshed will not return this year.

Returning entertainment includes Blood Drums and a big hit from last year, Skeleton Crew.

The brand new haunt that is going to be located in the new structure by Steel Force is Trick or Treat, a new maze.  The attraction looks to be a version of the popular house that began at Knott's Berry Farm.  I'm not sure how similar the entire experience will be, but the facade drawing seen here is somewhat similar to the one at Knott's.  Additionally, one of the scenes in the image below, upper left, looks pretty close to the opening scene at Knott's as well.

These comparisons are a good thing, in my book, as Trick or Treat was one of the coolest looking haunts I took notice of in a while at Knott's.   The maze utilizes scares as we would expect, but is also big on an overall creepy vibe and the use of some neat special effects.  Again, no idea if the maze will be that similar to the Knott's version, but I wouldn't mind if it was.  Really looking forward to checking this one out!

You may have noticed that CornStalkers was not mentioned in the returning list, but also not retired either.  That's because the maze has moved to the former go-kart track and is now known as CornStalkers: Barn Bred & Blood Fed.  The building we've been watching go up will serve as the entrance to the haunt, which will be themed to an old farmhouse.  To me it looks like the best of Bloodshed and CornStalkers are being combined in this attraction, though only keeping the latter's name.

Here is an awesome schematic of the new CornStalkers.  Guests will enter into "Mama's House" and then through the extended cornstalk portion of the maze, ending with a trip through "the barn."

Fright Lane will give extra scares to visitors again this year, with six Skeleton Key rooms including new ones in CornStalkers, Age of Darkness, and Trick or Treat.  The popular Mansion House Meal and Fright Feast will also return, offering great ways to take care of dinner while at the Haunt.

Dorney Park has uploaded all the information they revealed for this year's Haunt for all to see, make sure to check that out here.

All images are © Dorney Park