Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cedar Fair CEO Talks Future Coaster Additions with L.A. Times

The L.A. Times has published another very interesting article about Cedar Fair (the first being the one about the company scouting for classic flat rides in Europe), this time to talk about the future of roller coasters at the parks.

It sounds like Matt Ouimet has plans for a couple more park front entrances to get "deckerated" like Cedar Point and Carowinds did, with coasters running in front of, or even through them.  The term "deckerated" comes from Rob Decker, principal designer for the company.

The article also confirms that a couple more coasters will be converted like Mantis was into Rougarou at Cedar Point in 2015.  Rumors are swirling that we will see this happen in 2016 on Vortex at California's Great America.  Also of note is that the company's leader doesn't believe in relocating coasters to other parks, noting that if they are no longer popular at one park they're probably better retired for good than relocated.  Good news for Dorney Park!  I kid, I kid.

The article has plenty of other gems and is worth a read for any fan of the company.  Check it out at this link.


Unknown said...

Lol @ dorney park joke. I read before that they were hoping the attendance would increase once they build Hydra and Talon. Not sure how that played out. Shockingly I found my seldom driving to Dorney 3x when KD is 30 miles away. I perfer Dorney.