Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thunder Road Coming Down at Carowinds... Fast

Wooden roller coasters take many months to build, but a fraction of that time to come down.  As planned, Carowinds has started the destruction of Thunder Road, and things are moving very fast at the work site.

This batch of aerial photos from WBTV, one of which can be seen above, show the amount of the twin track coaster that has been removed this week.  It looks like as of today only one and a half of the turnarounds, the first drops, lifts and station areas were still standing.  The rest of the tracks have been reduced to rubble and were quickly being hauled away.

More photos of the demolition, taken from the ground, along with a couple short video clips can be seen at Carowinds Connection as well.

Carowinds will make an announcement about the theme park's 2016 additions on August 27th, which are expected to utilize some of the land that Thunder Road covered.


Surya said...

When I rode it back in 2011 it was pretty rough, so I'm not sad to see it go, especially if they replace it with a modern, airtime filled woodie