Saturday, August 15, 2015

Video of Thunder Road's Impressive Demolition

Edit:  Sorry everyone - shortly after I posted this the video was changed to private. If a similar video shows up I will swap it out.

Not to beat a dead horse, err beat a demolished coaster, but this video was too good to pass up sharing.  I know the last post was about photos of Carowinds' Thunder Road coming down, but this video shows the process in action.

The clip was shared by Southside, a construction services company that I would assume was contracted to run the Thunder Road demolition.  Per the company's website, they have worked with Carowinds on nearly all their recent projects, including the new North Gate, entrance tolls, SlingShot, Harmony Hall and more. 

As we've seen with other wood coaster demolition projects, the team appears to take down the larger section by cutting through most of the important structural bents on the ride, then simply knocking it over with heavy machinery.  A version of this tactic was used to bring down the massive lift hill on Son of Beast a few years back, though to stay clear of the area they simply pulled the hill over.

With Thunder Road now totally down, there's just the clean up left to do.  And then build new fun on top of it, of course!