Thursday, August 27, 2015

Carowinds Continues Transformation with New For 2016 Carolina Harbor Waterpark + More

Today Carowinds announced the epic transformation of their Boomerang Bay waterpark into the all-new, greatly expanded Carolina Harbor Waterpark, the main focus of an even larger 2016 park expansion.

Carolina Harbor Waterpark will feature an all new theme along with a host of new attractions, amenities, food offerings and more.  Pulling back to 30,000 feet for a moment, here's a look at the entire new waterpark and what it will have to offer:

© Carowinds
As you can see the transformation is pretty radical, with plenty of new fun mixed in with existing attractions.  The waterpark will also feature its own entrance for guests who want easy access to the slides and pools, and a new exit out of the parking lot by the development.  With the expansion Carolina Harbor will be the largest waterpark in the Carolinas.

© Carowinds
Starting to look at the 2016 additions, this is Blackbeard's Revenge, a six story tall water slide tower that features a total of six slides and three types of experiences.   The tower features Pirate's Plank, which uses a trap door start to plummet riders down into flatline loops, Cannonball Drop which features multiple tight curves in the dark, and Captain's Curse features exhilarating twists followed by large drops into the splash pool.

© Carowinds
Seaside Splashworks is a traditional water funhouse that features over 80 interactive elements, with different levels of play and several small water slides included.  The giant bucket on top will fill with 423 gallons of water, before tipping it down onto the crowd below.  The area will be able to handle a great amount of guests at a time, greatly improving capacity for families.

© Carowinds
A giant wave pool, the park's second full sized one, will be called the Surf Club Harbor and cover 27,000 square feet.  The pool will be capable of generating six foot waves and feature several fountains and jets at the entrance area.  An adjacent stage will allow guests to lounge about with live entertainment present.

© Carowinds
Finally, two new smaller children's areas round out the major water additions in Carolina Harbor.  Known as Myrtle Turtle Beach and Kitty Hawk Cove, the two areas will keep the small ones busy for hours.  Plenty of interactive features like water jets, giant water dropping plants and water channels will be a highlight of the areas, which when combined with Seaside Splashworks will cover an impressive 2 acres.

Carolina Harbor will also feature plenty of amenities to keep guests happy and content.  40 new cabanas, available to rent, will sprout up around the park, 1,100 new chairs and lounges will be added, a new bath house and several sand volleyball courts will be added.

© Carowinds
Food and Beverage offerings in the waterpark will also be improved, largely by the addition of the brand new Harbor House restaurant.  Seen above, the location will offer popular Carolina food such as BBQ and seafood, and have 2,400 square foot patios with plenty of seating.  An all new bar, named Schooners, will also open next year.

Carowinds has launched a very detailed website for Carolina Harbor Waterpark, available at this link.
Outside of the historic waterpark expansion, there's even more coming to the park next season.

A major new live entertainment production will debut next year, named Cirque Imagine.  The 30 minute show will premier next June and feature an "incredible showcase of strength, balance and athleticism."  A similar show has been playing at Kings Island the past few years and regularly fills all the theater's seats, a sign of it's immense popularity.

© Carowinds
Carowinds' new main entrance area will be made even better in 2016 with the addition of a full service Starbucks location.  Covering 3,000 square feet, the location will have indoor seating available for up to 100 guests - that's a pretty big space!

As if all this wasn't enough, Carowinds has even more in store for 2016.  At the end of today's presentation the park gave a tease at what they described as another "world's first attraction" that will open in 2016, and from the tease (see video from Screamscape) it seems to be themed to the popular Plants Vs. Zombies game series.  Very interesting - the park plans to reveal those details in October.