Wednesday, August 5, 2015

New S&S Coaster Creation Arriving in New Jersey in 2016

Ocean City, New Jersey will offer next year's Summer visitors a high-intensity new thrill at Playland's Castaway Cove, the park has announced.  Debuting in 2016 will be GaleForce, a unique new roller coaster that is being designed and built by S&S Worldwide, Inc to fit in an extremely small space at the park.

© Playland's Castaway Cove
Here is the full layout for GaleForce, which will replace two of the park's existing roller coasters.  The ride will utilize three separate LMS launches to get the individual trains (seating 12 riders in three rows of four) going up to 64 miles per hour.  Due to the small space the ride will utilize, the three launches will feature two forward and one backward.

After the third launch the trains will climb up to 125 feet and immediately plunge down a beyond vertical drop.  The rest of the layout contain quick turns and rises that appear to keep trains from fully inverting, though there will be some serious banking involved.  The park notes that in total GaleForce will offer seven thrilling elements, most of which are highlighted in this preview video:

This news story has some additional details about the ride, and the planning that went into its creation.  It also mentions that the park will be adding a second new coaster that will at least partially interact with GaleForce, though they are not giving any details yet.

From the video the ride looks to pack quite a punch, I'm looking forward to trying it out next year!