Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Six Flags New England Retiring Cyclone This Summer

Time to get in your last rides on the Riverside Cyclone!  To be correct, the wooden roller coaster is currently just known as the Cyclone, the Riverside part was dropped after the park was 'flagged' after the 1999 season.

Six Flags New England released the above video this morning, urging guests to get in their final rides before the Cyclone closes for good on July 20th.  The park isn't saying exactly why the ride is closing, though we've seen this pattern before with other Six Flags wooden coasters that received the Rocky Mountain transformation.  The rides have typically closed mid to late summer, with work starting shortly thereafter.  Iron Cyclone has a nice ring to it, at least.

The Cyclone in its current form is pretty rough, to be brutally honest.  The coaster opened in 1983 and had some serious modifications done over the years, including a shortened first drop.  SFNE Online has a nice write up of the coaster's past, including photos of the changes made. 

Until the park says for sure what the plans for the future are, make sure to stop by the park - soon - and take one last spin!


Surya said...

This was one of the most painful coasters I encountered when I visited the East Coast a couple of years back. I won't miss it.