Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Elitch Gardens Now Draining Brains Daily

© Elitch Gardens
2014 is the year of head spinning, brain draining fun at Elitch Gardens.  The park added Brain Drain, a giant looping thrill ride, that offers views of the Denver skyline - from both upside down and right side up!

Brain Drain stands seven stories tall, and once riders are seated the train starts rocking forward and backward, slowly gaining momentum.  Eventually the train starts to loop completely around, fully inverting riders.  At one point the ride also stops and begins to rotate the opposite direction, meaning riders (who sit back to back) will go forwards and backwards during the experience.

The ride is not meant for weak stomachs, that is for sure!  Brain Drain was created by Larson International.

© Elitch Gardens
Elitch Gardens is owned by CNL Lifestyle Properties, and formerly managed by Herschend Family Entertainment.  As of 2013 it is now managed by Premier Parks LLC, which was founded by former Six Flags executives Kieran Burke and Gary Story, the latter of which passed away last September.

Last season Elitch Gardens opened the Blazin' Buckaroo children's roller coaster, and in 2012 premiered the Tube Top water slide and several new kiddie rides.  I would think the park may be due for a larger investment soon, can't wait to see what that might be!