Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ratatouille: The Adventure Now in Previews at Walt Disney Studios

After being under development and construction for what seems like eons, Ratatouille: The Adventure has finally opened for special media and employee previews.  Located in the corner of the Disney Studios Park in Paris, Ratatouille is a blockbuster new attraction that aims to bring interest and turnstile clicks back to the floundering park.

The ride also comes along with a new highly themed dining experience, Bistro Chez Remy, where guests dine in a setting that makes them the size of Remy himself.  Oversized props cover the restaurant, with Christmas lights hanging above among giant flowers and leaves.

The actual Ratatouille attraction features trackless vehicles, a technology that Disney has used on several high profile additions around the globe.  Video never gives the best representation, and in this case it lacks the 3-D glasses, but here we go:

I had read that the ride would utilize video screens, but I will admit that I didn't expect quite so many of them.  Hardcore fans of the park are griping about that, but if you consider the direction of most new blockbuster rides... well they all use screens pretty heavily.  Only the Japanese Disney parks seem to buck that trend.

But putting that debate aside, I think this Ratatouille attraction looks fun, fits for the whole family, and is something the park needs.  Does it seem like something that will transplant well to other parks?  Maybe, maybe not.  But I do hope it gives the Disney Studios Park the kick it needs to see continued expansion.

Ratatouille: The Adventure officially opens on July 10th.