Friday, June 27, 2014

California's Great America Announces New Multipurpose Facility

© California's Great America
For years Cedar Fair was unsure about the impact of having a brand new 49ers stadium built adjacent to their parking lot, and how the future of the park would be affected.  It actually painted a fairly dark future for the park, with a potential sale even announced (and then cancelled) at one point.

With new management at Cedar Fair came a new outlook for the park, and instead of giving up on it the plan became to invest and grow the park.  Now they've announced the new Great America Pavilion, a 18,000 square foot multipurpose facility that will host the Red Zone Rally pregame party for each of the 49ers home games.  In effect, the park has joined forces with the Stadium by creating a venue that will be quite busy on game days, when the theme park will be closed.

The pavilion will be located on the edge of the park's property, facing the parking lot with the 49ers Stadium beyond it.  The Red Zone Rally parties will start three hours before game time, and feature cheerleaders, flat screen TVs throughout, live entertainment, various food options and plenty of other activities.

The Great America Pavilion can also be used as an event center, hosting various parties or corporate events on non-game days.  The facility can be separated into three sections, or be utilized as one large space.  That's a pretty smart way for the park to have a new revenue stream as well!

It's great to see the park essentially still get a piece of the pie on game days, and work hand in hand with the 49ers franchise.