Thursday, June 19, 2014

2015 Construction at Holiday World Picks Up, Digs Down

Like many, I have been following the daily updates on 66DaysAtSea, Holiday World's teaser site for their 2015 project.  That leads me to starting at an awful lot of clouds, leading me to believe that the park is building a giant moon bounce for next season.

Nah, not really.  As the new clues come each day I find myself looking hard at what's being given to fans, but honestly I haven't made too much progress.

Perhaps being at the park to actually see what is going on would help?  That's exactly what a writer for the Dubois County Herald did, and one of the photos they reported is quite revealing.

Most of the construction work is currently focused on the giant open area extending upward from the water slide tower seen in the aerial above.  The photo I'm speaking of pretty clearly shows what I would wager are roller coaster footers being dug, complete with wire frames and a cement truck on site.

So it looks like the moon bounce theory doesn't hold any water, but speaking of that the park has still kept the lagoon from Giraffica in place, along with the ride's station.  To be reused for the 2015 project, perhaps?

Until we get more answers we will just have to keep checking out, and certainly keep an eye on the work going on Holiday World!