Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Thrill Ride "Over The Falls" for Martin's Fantasy Island

© Martin's Fantasy Island
A new thrill ride, named Over The Falls, is Martin's Fantasy Island's new for 2014 attraction, and this one is by no means a family ride!

The trade name of Over The Falls is Speed, and is manufactured by KMG.  KMG makes a huge variety of flat rides for fairs and other attractions around the globe, though most of them are in Europe.  Speed is one of their more thrilling rides, built for speed and height - and the 55 inch minimum height requirement proves this one is not meant for the kiddies.

The photo above gives a good idea of what goes on - four people each sit at the end of the two arms, which extend around 130 feet in the air when vertical.   The arms then spin like a giant windmill, with the passenger cars able to freely spin while they twirl.  At maximum speed the arms are able to do thirteen revolutions per minute, creating g-forces of up to 3.5 for riders.

Martin's Fantasy Island is creating an interesting selection of flat rides for their guests, having a few rides already that you don't often come across.  The park removed their log flume this past winter and placed Over The Falls in part of its former plot.  While the new ride is exciting, it is always a bit sad to see a log flume bite the dust!


WNY retail history said...

Holy Crap, that looks too intense for me! I think that Fantasy Island needed more stuff for the adult and teen crowd than Silver Comet, but the log flume will be missed!