Saturday, June 28, 2014

19th Roller Coaster Opens at Six Flags Magic Mountain

© Six Flags Magic Mountain
Beating their own current record for the most roller coasters in one park, Six Flags Magic Mountain has just opened their 19th - Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers.  The small family roller coaster has taken up residence in the park's Bugs Bunny World, which also received a freshening up from head to toe.

Hot Rod Racers was created by Zamperla, and is one of the manufacturer's "Family Gravity Coasters."  These can be found at many parks around the country, and feature a single helix after a 13 foot lift hill.  The new ride is now the 3rd kiddie coaster at the park, or the 4th if you count Road Runner Express, which is slightly larger.

With nineteen roller coasters, Six Flags Magic Mountain has really pulled away from the pack.  If you count the new Wonder Mountain's Guardian ride as a full coaster, then Canada's Wonderland comes in second with 17 coasters, and Cedar Point in 3rd place with 16.  Six Flags Magic Mountain has already announced the closure of Colossus, which would taken them down to 18 - but it is commonly believed that a new coaster will replace it and open in 2015.