Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Is Fury 325 Headed to Carowinds in 2015?

Last winter Cedar Fair trademarked the name "Fury" for a new amusement park ride, and now they've modified that slightly and trademarked "Fury 325" - also for an amusement park ride.

The connection to Carowinds comes from the addition of the 325 to the name.  It's no secret that Carowinds is planning a very tall ride next year, over 300 feet from what we've seen leaked out so far.

I wondered when "Fury" came out if it was for additional Halloween Haunts - since Carowinds had one with that name - but now with the number added a coaster makes more sense.

We've seen Cedar Fair add numbers to names that indicate height before, all the way back to Magnum XL-200 and more recently Intimidator 305.  This new coaster would fit in with the others just fine, even if Fury 325 might take some getting used to.  I would think most patrons would simply refer to the coaster as Fury, though, if this pans out to be true.

If the new coaster does stand 325 feet tall it would make it the 5th tallest on the planet.  Now we just need to start to see some footers poured at the park!