Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Incredible New Goliath Photos from Rocky Mountain

© Rocky Mountain Construction
Epic.  That's what this new gallery of photographs of Goliath at Six Flags Great America is.  Rocky Mountain Construction has shared some incredible views of the new wooden coaster from the air, vantage points that we'll never really see unless on the coaster, and in some cases not even then.

Above is the plunging first drop, into what appears to be an awfully tiny tunnel from up so high.  The steep drop (180 feet at 85 degrees) looks to be one of the best around.

© Rocky Mountain Construction
Here's one that must have been taken from a crane, positioned under the Inverted Zero-G Stall.  Off in the background you can also see the track flip into a dive after a 180 degree roll.  Goliath will be fast and furious, no doubt, sending trains through these elements quickly.  How many more days until it opens?

For the full gallery, make sure to head over to Rocky Mountain Construction's page.