Sunday, June 15, 2014

Medusa Steel Coaster Opens at Six Flags Mexico

Yesterday's opening of Thunderbolt in Coney Island was exciting, but it wasn't the only new for 2014 coaster to open that day.  Six Flags Mexico also took the wraps off of Medusa Steel Coaster, allowing the public to ride for the first time.

Happily for those of us who couldn't just jump on a plane and head to Mexico, the park has released a point of view video for us to check out.  You ready for this one?

When we saw testing video of Medusa Steel Coaster last week, we got the idea that this Rocky Mountain conversion was tearing through the course - but wow.  The new steel tracks follow the old wooden coaster's layout very closely, and comparing duration from top of the lift to brakes, the new version shaves nearly ten seconds off the ride time!  That's a substantial amount of time on a relatively short coaster track - a considerably higher average speed for sure.

I'm anxious to hear how people feel this new conversion ranks among their favorite rides - from the video (and granted it is just a video...) it would appear as this is one heck of a ride!

Just for fun, here's the old wooden version of Medusa.  It's sort of fun to compare the two.