Friday, May 23, 2014

Wonder Mountain's Guardian Opens Tomorrow!

Canada's Wonderland has sent out news that Wonder Mountain's Guardian, the parks new combination of "roller coaster, 3D animation and interactive gaming" will open to guests tomorrow, Saturday May 24th.

"The journey begins with a perilous coaster climb up the side of the park’s iconic Wonder Mountain, followed by a quick descent into the core of the mountain. As riders enter this cavernous new world of mythical creatures and navigate through five layers of a 4-Dimensional medieval world, they will be in the heat of the battle with guardians of the dragon’s treasure. While immersed in this interactive experience, riders will have an opportunity to showcase their gaming skills as they compete against their fellow riders, in a bid to land a coveted spot in the Wonder Mountain’s Guardian Hall of Fame. The quest will culminate as riders enter the dragon’s lair for the ultimate battle with Lord Ormaar, and experience a heart stopping finale that will shock thrill seekers of all ages."

Canada's Wonderland also released a fun video that introduces us to the cast of Wonder Mountain's Guardian, both the good and bad guys.  There's all sorts of creatures that riders will be blasting along the way, including bats, crabs, spiders, archers, and draconians.  Stansien, seen above as well, will be our guide as we travel through the dark caverns of the mountain.  The ride culminates in an encounter with the giant dragon Lord Ormaar and some sort of physical effect that has not yet been revealed.

I hope everyone heads to the park tomorrow to check out the new ride - I can't wait to hear and see more!  I'm still hopeful that this one will be a hit so that we can see similar attractions developed throughout the Cedar Fair chain.