Saturday, May 31, 2014

Silverwood Theme Park Opens New Family Rides

© Silverwood Theme Park
A duo of new family rides, along with one existing moved ride, have opened in an expanded section of Garfield's Summer Camp at Silverwood Theme Park.  Tucked along side several existing children's and family rides, the new attractions are sure to be a hit with the smaller crowd.

Above is the adorable Puppy-Go-Round, which allows an adult to ride alongside their tiny co-passenger.  The puppies are controllable so that riders get to move them up and down during the ride.

© Silverwood Theme Park
The second new ride is a small roller coaster that brings the park's official count up to six.  Named the Krazy Koaster, the figure eight layout was created by the SBF Visa Group.  It features spinning cars that actually appear to give quite a wild ride at times.  This one will make for a great transition ride before kids are ready for the big wooden coaster, or the inverting Aftershock.

The expanded area is now also home to the Kiddie Wheel, which was moved from elsewhere in the park.  The ride is a miniature Ferris wheel that will give nice views of Garfield's expanded camp.

The park recently uploaded their new commercial, which while silly is sorta fun.  Check it out below: