Monday, May 19, 2014

Holiday World 2015: 66 Days And You'll Know!

© Holiday World
Holiday World has 'set sail' on a teaser campaign for their big new-for-2015 announcement, which will take place on July 24th - 66 days from now.

Why that number of days?  Well that's how long the Mayflower was at sea as the Pilgrims sailed to America.  Holiday World's big addition will be in the Thanksgiving section, so it was only fitting to use that number as a countdown to the big event.

The park has launched a new microsite, on which a new update from a mother aboard the Mayflower will be posted each day.  No doubt that some clues and hints will be included along the way.

“We’re mixing our park’s themes for this announcement,” says Matt Eckert, President of Holiday World, “as it will fall on ‘Christmas Eve in July.’ Our announcement will coincide with the start of a construction phase that would undoubtedly give away any part of the secret that still existed.”

So what exactly are we all waiting for?  Mum's the word for now, but things sound promising:  “I cannot confirm nor deny that this project includes a roller coaster,” says Eckert. “But I can confirm that this is by far the largest expansion project in our seven-decade history.”

Many are speculating that the park will build their first large steel roller coaster, while others are wondering if we will see a fourth wild wooden coaster at the park.  Whatever it is, it will be big - I believe the previous "largest expansion" was the addition of Thanksgiving, which included the Voyage, still the second longest wooden coaster on Earth.  An entire new land and a ride of that size is hard to top, but it seems as though that's the plan!

We could kick around some other theories but I'd rather sit back and enjoy the ride until then... plus I have some Mayflower Fudge to finish eating!