Monday, May 12, 2014

Meet Kemah Boardwalk's New Looping Thriller

© Kemah Boardwalk
Kemah Boardwalk, located along the Texas Gulf Coast, has opened to visitors the Flare, a new looping thrill ride.  The Flare joins the park's existing line up of rides and attractions, a part of a 60 acre entertainment facility filled with restaurants, amusements, a boutique hotel, marina, and retail locations.

The Flare appears to be a Larson Giant Loop, one of only a handful that have been built.  The ride stands 73 feet tall and features a train that slowly rocks back and forth until gaining enough momentum to complete the loop.  The ride continues looping until slowing when completely inverted, then switching directions.  Riders sit back-to-back so they are able to watch their fellow passengers during the experience.

“Flare is a seven-story steel looping coaster that will provide an extra bit of thrill to the Boardwalk by sending riders forwards, backwards and head-over-heels in an adrenaline drenched 360° revolution,” said Mark Kane, vice president of Landry’s amusement division. “We know this attraction will quickly become a favorite for all of our visitors.”

The Flare officially opened on May 9th, and riders need to only be 48 inches tall to take a spin.