Friday, May 16, 2014

A Quick Snake Pit at Dorney Park Update

A quick update on Snake Pit at Dorney Park as it enters the final stages of construction in anticipation of its grand opening.  These photos were from outside the park (obviously) and taken yesterday evening, so not the best quality as far as light and color goes.  They'll have to do!

Sometime within the last week the park added the floor-dropping launch capsules to the top of the Python Plummet body slides.  Over on the left are the two blue tube slides called Boa Blasters, which finally look complete.  If you look at the larger image you can see the parts that feature translucent color sections that will enhance the overall sense of speed.

The Constructor, which you can't see much of here, appears to be the last slide to be installed.  You can see a bit of the purple slide mixed in the background.  Also of note, the yellow building with the blue roof is the new pump house for Snake Pit.

Here is a closer look at the drops that start the Python Plummet slides.  The park had installed some of the lower sections as of last week, but just recently built the drops.  It's really hard to tell with the bad lighting of this photo, but the slides are red, orange, and yellow - not red, orange and orange.  The upper parts of these slides are somewhat see through, so we can watch riders slide down once the attraction is open.

One last photo, with just a bit better colors and from a slightly rotated angle.  The trees are filling in around the outside of the park so soon much of this view will be obscured.

I also happened to notice that the park's General Manager tweeted a fantastic photo of Snake Pit yesterday, which is about 300 times better than these.  It really shows off how much progress has been made!