Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Busch Gardens Tampa: Falcon's Fury Further Delayed

Today Busch Gardens Tampa sent out a statement indicating it might be quite a bit longer until anyone is able to get in line for the imposing 335 foot tall Falcon's Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa.

Pointing out that the ride "includes first-of-its kind design elements, systems and parts," the park went on to say that "due to a delay in the fabrication of key component parts, neither the manufacturer nor Busch Gardens are able to complete the lengthy testing processes needed to open the ride to the public."

Recent Falcon's Fury testing video from BGTFans

The park's release continues: "The safety of our guests and team members remains Busch Gardens’ top priority and none of these delays involve safety systems. The ride has been safely operated in the initial stages of the testing process, and all other elements of the park’s newest re-imagined land Pantopia are now open to guests."

It sounds like things may go quiet for a while at this point, with additional news about the ride only being released when necessary.  As far as the future goes, the park only mentions that they "look forward to the launch of Falcon's Fury, North America's tallest freestanding drop tower, later this summer."

The new drop tower features seats that face riders downward for the drop, quickly bring them upright at the end of the fall (see video above).  That is a brand new, first of its kind ride system, designed by Intamin - which admittedly does have a bit of a reputation for delayed openings on prototype creations.

Here's hoping the new ride components arrive quicker than expected so the park can get the ride open - this is one attraction I know we are all looking forward to!