Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WhiteWater Attractions Shows Off New Attraction Offerings

They're already known as one of the industry leaders in the water park attraction market, but WhiteWater is also spreading the word that they've got even more to offer than that.  The company recently created WhiteWater Attractions, a division that features a selection of both wet and dry attractions that are already popular in parks across the globe.

Featuring creations from the catalog of both Hopkins Rides and Prime Interactives, there's everything from log flumes to rope courses, shoot the chutes to climbing walls and a ton more in between.  Hopkins is well known as one of the premier water ride providers, and their legacy can be found in many amusement and theme parks.

WhiteWater Attractions is also rolling out new designs that I think will catch the eye of many.  Above is No Boundaries, described as an "edgy and exciting iconic attraction offering high-thrill and high-challenge activities for guests of all ages and skill levels."  Interactive attractions are growing in popularity, and No Boundaries takes that up a notch by combining both harnessed and unharnessed activities in one attraction.

The example above shows the combination of several elements, including "a horizontal challenge course, radical vertical uphill climbs with downward controlled descents and a winding aerial zip coaster."  No doubt that the zip coaster will be a highlight - I know that personally I'm ready to get in line for that one!

Another new design is the Raft Battle, what WhiteWater Attractions is calling the "next generation" of river water battle attractions.  The ride utilizes round rafts with riders seated facing outward, equipped with a spray gun of course.  The rafts will float freely and rotate on their own in the current, adding an element of unpredictability to this already popular style of ride.

The Raft Battle is fully customizable and able to be themed however a park may like - theming is certainly something that makes rides such as this really shine.  The above example design includes plenty of pedestrian bridges that allow interaction between both riders and non-riders.

WhiteWater Attractions just launched a new website that shows off all they have to offer, with some great photos and video as well.  Make sure to click over and check it out.